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Zero Water Waste

We patented a mechanical production process to avoid water consumption and waste.

The Textile Industry is an intensive water user and producer of wastewater. Sustainable production implies using less water by maximum wastewater and chemicals recovery. 

In our case, recovered scraps of fabrics are upcycled from the industrial production, without requiring additional consumption of water and resources in general.

We aim to create less waste by making the most out of every possible material and fabric involved in the production process. Indeed, we patented a particular process, which is completely mechanical and does not involve any kind of water usage. It is also less impactful in terms of energy consumption, waste production, CO2 emissions and no chemical substances are involved. The treatment we do in order to make the paddings washable is eco-friendly too and chlorine free.

Developing eco-friendly and upcycled products benefits the wastewater management and it reduces the environmental damage caused by resource extraction. It is also about getting more from the existing and boost its properties, improving the industrial transformation processes as well.