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Ultra-Fine insulating technology

Ultra-Fine Insulating

Upcycling: we closeclose thethe loop

Pursuing a fully sustainable lifestyle is not always easy and more eco-friendly clothing options than those proposed by the fast fashion industry are becoming more necessary than ever.

Natural textile Padding
Natural textile Padding
Natural textile Padding

This can be achieved with a production cycle based on a Circular Economy model and upcycling is a big step forward in this direction. Upcycling is a neologism that keeps together two concepts that not always go hand-in-hand: first, the idea of recycling; and, second, the idea of improvement and quality (even though you are using discarded materials), thus the prefix “up”.

CAMELUXE® and LUXEPAD® are created in three steps; firstly, recovered materials are gathered and sorted in Northern Italy; secondly, they are transformed through a mechanic process into very fine fibers; lastly, the fibers are blended with recycled polyester, creating a high performing insulating mix, ready to be processed to create the pad. This process, whose patent was filed, allowed us to create a product highly resilient, features extraordinary tensile and strength qualities and with consistent insulating capacity.

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