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Insulation and Thermal regulation

Our ultra-fine paddings have consistent insulating power and offer an “active” thermal regulation.
CAMELUXE® and LUXEPAD® maintain the same properties of virgin materials, camelhair and cashmere; the fibers structure allow the creation of air pockets, which make an efficient thermal barrier. The low conductivity and thermoregulation help in keeping warm air close to the skin during cold weather and the body cool during the summer.
Moreover, the Cashmere and Camelhair fibers are hollow fibers so the thermal characteristics are enhanced. We tested the CLO value in an accredited laboratory and the results below show a high insulating performance even for our lightweight versions:


60 gr/sm: 1,5 (CLO value)
80 gr/sm: 1,8 (CLO value)
100 gr/sm: 2,3 (CLO value)


80 gr/sm: 1,6 (CLO value)

Breathability and Moisture management

CAMELUXE® and LUXEPAD® have an improved moisture management: unlike a padding made of synthetic fibers, they can absorb and release humidity, giving a maximum comfort.

These pads are also quick drying and keep the body warm and dry during the activity. Thanks to the fibers high absorbency capacity, they are comfortable to wear both in summer and in winter. The padding maintains its insulation properties also when wet, thanks to the hygroscopicity of the fibers, which allow air exchange for superior breathability and comfort in more dynamic situations.

For this reason, our upcycled insulations are versatile and suitable to several applications, from the fashion industry and sport garments, to footwear and sleeping bags.


Corporate imbotex machine
Imbotex machine
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Padding quality step
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padding method in textiles
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