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“Made from the existing: the circular philosophy of our products”

We patented a mechanical process to produce responsible insulations.

“Made from the existing” means upcycling recovered scraps of high-quality fabrics, in our case camelhair and cashmere, from the production of coats (and not only).

Our patented process is completely mechanical and does not involve any kind of chemical. It is also less impactful in terms of resources consumption, water usage and totally eco-friendly and GRS certified.

We propose an ecologically responsible family of light-weight insulations, 100% Made in Italy from existing precious materials. Upcycling is a perfect example of circularity in terms of the product itself and this process is constantly being updated thanks to technological innovation. Upcycling from the existing is enhanced by a search for meaning and respect for the environment, to get the most out of each material.

Made in Italy from the existing